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Based in Christchurch, Dorset, we provide a worldwide service backed up by a team with years of experience. Projects are followed from conception to completion with constant support from our CAD and Sales teams, with in-house manufacturing by our skilled joinery and upholstery departments, and installation by our site team.

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We have a clear process for each order to make sure no detail is overlooked and every piece of furniture is completed to the highest standard.

Every stage of this process is managed by our experts:



Gather your initial details to get a comprehensive understanding of your needs. Your dedicated point of contact.



Put together the design ideas and produce CAD drawings to give you a clear understanding of the bespoke products.



Build the frames in-house, paying close attention to detail and measurements to make sure everything fits together perfectly.



Any timber and even metal components are then finished to suit the design. Find out more about our spray services.



Bring the initial designs to life, by using the material picked out to upholster the seating.



Deliver and fit the final furnishings in place, to the highest standard.


We have a team with years of experience, renowned for our quality and service, we will work with you to produce an exceptional result.

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UK Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing by our skilled joinery, polishing and upholstery departments, along with our site fitting team.

In-House Production

Every step of our manufacturing process from start to finish all happens in-house, so unlike other manufacturers, we don’t outsource our manufacturing, which enables us to provide expert care at every step.

Made to Measure Service

Our seating is made to measure, set out by our CAD team and CNC'd in house. Whatever the area and shape of your restaurant you can choose from a full range of seating designs, finishes and coverings, which is all customisable.

Quality & Reliability

We produce contract furniture to the highest quality and have an outstanding on time delivery record.

Advice & Service

Our in-house team of experts with years of experience will talk to you about your needs and requirements, every step of the way, with free layout advice and planning if required.

Bespoke Customisation

All aspects of our banquette seating can be fully customised to suit your requirements. Our mission is to create outstanding seating solutions that reflect each client’s individual needs and personal style.

10-Year Frame Warranty

We know our furniture is the best quality, which is why we offer a 10-year frame warranty on our standard serpentine sprung seating, which has been tested BS EN 16139:2013, for severe contract use.

International Fitting & Delivery

Although we are based in the UK and all of our manufacturing takes place here, we offer international fitting and delivery to Europe and beyond.

Our Process

Although no two projects are ever the same, it is important that we have a clear process in place to ensure that no detail is overlooked and every piece is finished to the highest standard. Each step is as important as the last, from the initial enquiry to the final fitting.

Below is an outline of our process and the journey each project goes through to transform your vision into reality.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Step 7
  • Step 8
  • Step 9
  • Step 10
  • Step 11
  • Step 12
  • Step 13
  • Step 14
  • Step 15
  • Step 16
  • Step 17
  • Step 18
  • Step 19
  • Step 20
  • STEP 1

    Initial Enquiry

    Inevitably, the first step is when the client contacts us to make an initial enquiry.

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  • STEP 2

    Sales Manager contacts the client

    Following up the enquiry, one of our friendly Sales Managers then contacts the project.

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  • STEP 3

    Sales manager meets the client on site, if required

    Once the first point of contact has been made, if required we will then meet with the client in person to understand exactly what it is they are looking for and how we can help. This step gives both the client and ourselves the opportunity to better understand one other and establish a working relationship.

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  • STEP 4

    Produce drawings & quotes

    Once we have a clear understanding of the project and requirements we can then begin working on designs and ideas, as well as quoting for the work involved.

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  • STEP 5

    Any requotes & adjustments

    Once the client has had the opportunity to review the quote and project outline, we will then adjust the proposal accordingly, based on their feedback.

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  • STEP 6

    Receive PO

    Following on from these initial pre-sales steps, we then receive a PO (purchase order) from the client giving us the go-ahead to commence work. This is a binding document between the supplier and buyer, agreeing to the work contract.

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  • STEP 7

    Book in production

    Once the work has been signed off by both parties, the production work will be scheduled in.

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  • STEP 8

    Site Measure for confirmed dimensions

    Our specialists visit the site to record all measurements needed for the furnishings.

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  • STEP 9

    Any requotes & adjustments

    Based on the site visit and measurements, we will adjust the original quote accordingly (if necessary).

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  • STEP 10

    Produce Confirmation of Order for the client

    Once the quote has been readjusted and finalised, we send the client Confirmation of Order.

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  • STEP 11

    Order materials

    Once the designs have been approved and the order is confirmed we order any non-stock critical materials needed.

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  • STEP 12

    Set Out

    Using the site measures, our CAD team then set out the components ready to be CNC’d.

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  • STEP 13

    CNC components

    The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) components are then designed and created in-house, ready for construction.

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  • STEP 14

    Joinery - Make seating frames

    Once all materials and components have arrived, we begin work on building the seating frames. It is essential that during this stage close attention is payed to detail, working to all measurements. This ensures that when it comes to the fitting, everything will fit to perfection.

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  • STEP 15

    Spray Shop – Spraying any exposed wood-work

    Not only do we produce furnishings that look timeless, they are also designed to stand the test of time. The spray shop protects any exposed wood and gives it a quality finish.

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  • STEP 16

    Prep – Spring and foam the seating

    Once the framework has been fixed and protected, our team then get to work on preparing the seating with springs and foam, designed to follow client specifications and offer comfort for the end user.

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  • STEP 17

    Upholstery – upholster seating

    The final element of production is upholstery. Using the carefully selected materials our team upholster the seating, bringing the initial designs to life.

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  • STEP 18


    To ensure that all products arrive on site as they leave our production site, we take great care when wrapping the products for transportation.

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  • STEP 19

    Deliver to site

    We then deliver and install the furniture. Our installation team take great care to ensure that all products arrive in perfect condition.

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  • STEP 20

    Fit the seating

    Our installation team then bring the client's vision to life by fitting the final furnishings in place. This is perhaps the most exciting stage of the process as we all get to see the final result and witness everything come together.

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Atlas offers a full range of seating designs, finishes and coverings. Whatever the shape of your business, we can provide high-quality contract furniture to suit your budget and requirements.

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All aspects of our banquette bench seating can be fully customised to suit your requirements. Our mission is to create outstanding seating solutions that reflect each client’s individual needs and style. Visit our Seating design pages for a range of popular styles and options.

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Our service is completely bespoke so we can meet your specific requirements. We offer a range of seating extras for added comfort, appearance and luxury.

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We offer a range of frame constructions to suit the requirements of any project. Our range of frames deliver uncompromising comfort through expertly crafted design.

A Little About Atlas

Although at Atlas we are primarily focus on our production of bespoke banquette bench seating, we also get involved in many accompanying products such as tables, chairs, stools, sofas, loose furniture, contract upholstery and joinery items. If you want to know more, visit our gallery, download our catalogue, or call one of our team to discuss whatever your project requires.

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