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07 February 2019

Bespoke Seating Design

At Atlas Contract Furniture we start by offering a range of seating styles that can be developed into something completely bespoke to fit the vision you have for your business.

Our team of design experts will work together with you to create a banquette seating solution personal to your restaurant, pub, bar, nightclub or workplace. Starting with one of our many seating styles, our CAD team and account managers will work alongside you to create a customised and fully tailored seating solution. Mixing comfort, design and skilled craftsmanship we’ll deliver the perfect furniture for your customers or employees to enjoy.

Seating Styles



Plain Back is one of our most popular seating styles, with a modern, elegant look. The simple lines of this style means it is a versatile design, that fits well in a wide range of settings. Single fabrics can be used, or mix upholstery on the seat and the back.


Fluted Back brings a sophisticated and timeless feel to seating, working well with plain fabrics to make the most of the beautiful curved flutes. The width of the flutes can be fully customised to suit the styling of the banquette seating.

Deep Button Back

Deep Button Back seating is a traditional classic, bringing refined style to seating solutions. Often paired with leather to create a particularly luxurious finish, full of character. Buttons can be fully customised to make this seating option completely unique.

Two Horizontal Panel Back

Two Horizontal Panel Back seating is a popular contemporary design, where the horizontal panels are individually upholstery. Each panel can have a different fabric or the same depending on the look you are trying to create

To view more seating styles and learn about their differences, browse our seating styles page.

Once you have chosen a seating style to work with, you can customise this further with our seating additions. We offer a wide range of alterations to make sure your banquette seating works for your business. Whether you need to create extra flow, increase dwell time, spark inspiration or create hidden storage, we have a solution that works well for you.

Seating Additions


Poseur Height

Poseur Height helps you create different levels to your seating, by giving you raised seating options. Foot rails or plinth steps can also be added to help your customers up and down. Raised seating allows you to create bench seating with barstools and high tables to create different areas of interest.


For a fully personalised option, why not add your logo to your banquette seating. Not only can we design furniture in your brand colours, but you also have the option to add embroidered logos to your seating.

Hinged Seats

If you needed added storage, but are lacking in space, why not think about Hinged Storage. Easily accessible and discreet, seats are able to be lifted up creating storage space underneath, where this area would otherwise be wasted.


Technical Additions

As well as visual differences to seating we are also able to add technical additions, for added luxury and convenience to your customers.


Heated Seat Pads

Designed especially for outdoor seating areas, Heated Seat Pads give your customers added comfort and luxury. Perfect for the colder months, you’ll be able to make the most of outdoor seating all year round.


Create a stunning look to your seating with LED strips. These can help to produce added atmosphere to a room, or look fantastic is a bar or nightclub setting.


Make your customers experience a little more convenient by adding power sockets to your banquette seating. This is perfect for cafes or pubs, where many visitors maybe working in the day.

Atlas Contract Furniture have so many different customisation options and additions, the possibilities are endless. Take a look at some more of our extra bespoke seating additions here or contact us today and start chatting to one of our experts.


Personalisation options don’t just end at additions; you can even customise the small details such as legs, nails and buttons. Whether you want to create something, modern, traditional, industrial, quirky or luxurious, our seating styles can be transformed into some totally unique.

For more inspiration, take a look through our gallery of work, to give you some ideas of what is capable.