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11 December 2018

Breakout Seating and Loose Furniture

What is breakout seating?

Breakout seating refers to seating that is loose and not fixed to one place, which can be used for flexible seating areas, adding versatility to the interior space.

What are the positives?

Breakout seating and furniture gives the option to create small sections for intimate meetings, or extra seating for larger groups. It also gives you the option to utilise small under-used areas over busy periods or have arrangements for different times.

Breakout Seating


Furniture and seating can encourage different dwell times in an establishment, so it’s important to think about how the design of loose furniture will affect this. Communal tables with loose seating is a big trend, allowing people to socialise, graze and relax at their leisure or for individuals to be able to mix in if they wish, instead of sitting alone. There has been a recent increase in popularity of 'hot desk' spaces, and shared offices, to enable remote workers to have a work-like environment amongst other professionals, as well as having a space for meetings if required.

Loose furniture and breakout seating gives you the options to be clever about your seating arrangements, but it is a good idea to mix this with larger fixed seating options, such as booths and benches. This adds to the dynamic of the interior, adding layers of different design styles, plus it’s good to be able to offer people different seating options.

Items to Accompany Breakout Seating

At Atlas, we offer an array of breakout furniture, not only our bespoke seating, but also loose furniture to go with it.

Side Chairs

Are perfect for more flexible seating options, where you can comfortably fit multiple loose seats around big or small tables. Side chairs come in a wide range of styles and colours to fit your interior style, from classic wood, industrial metal, retro plastic or luxe upholstered styles and everything in-between.



Work well for more relaxed areas or casual drinks options, as they take up a little more room due to their arms, which gives added comfort. Atlas offers a wide range of armchair styles to suit a multitude of spaces and design styles. Vintage inspired pieces to modern concepts in diverse colour choices, frame styles and stocks.


High Stools

Provide the perfect seating option to line up against communal long tables, or around high poseur tables. It’s not just the traditional barstool that Atlas offer, but we have a range of over 90 styles to suit you and your customer needs, from contemporary to traditional, there is a design to suit your space.

Dining Tables Bases

Whether you need twin pedestal or single, wood or metal, we have a base that will work with your breakout seating. The table bases also come in a range of heights, so you can choose between large or small table options.

Poseur Table Bases

Are perfect as tall drinking tables or casual areas, Atlas offer a range of over 60 styles for you to choose from, so you can be sure that you have a style that fits you and your business needs.

Loose Furniture Atlas

Table-Tops and Finishes

To complete your table base choices, Atlas offers a range of stock table tops, in multiple finishes and sizes, that give faster lead times than bespoke designs. Stock table tops come in many material options, including; Premium laminate, MFC (melamine), Veneers and Solid Wood.

If stock table tops aren’t for you, we are proud to be able to offer an entirely bespoke service, utilising our in-house spray facility and expert spray finishers for bespoke sizes, edge mouldings and finishes. Here is just a selection of bespoke table top finishes we offer, contact our friendly team to discuss your ideas, we’ll be happy to help.

• Antiquing

• Distressing

• Rubbed through paint finishes

• Staines

• Lacquer

• Solid Colours

Bespoke table top finishes

To view our range of over 700 loose furniture choices to accompany breakout seating, download our catalogue to start browsing and pulling ideas together.

Here at Atlas we offer no-commitment advice and free quotations, to help you plan your seating contact us today.