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30 January 2018

Looking back at 2017

Looking back at 2017

It’s that time of year when we look back at the great things that have happened at Atlas Contract Furniture over the last 12 months.

We’ve been very busy here in Christchurch, having worked on a lot of exciting projects and having new additions to the team. There’s been a lot going on and we’re very happy to have such a wonderful team and some great clients to work with. We imagine that it’s going to get a whole lot more busy in 2018, so without further ado, here are some of our highlights of 2017.

New Additions to the Team

In 2017, we welcomed two new starters to our team. Virginia Wormald and Alan Sheldrick have both joined our Accounts & Sales Team as Key Account Managers.

Virginia Wormald

Virginia Wormald

Alan Sheldrick

Alan Sheldrick

If you're an Atlas Contract Furniture regular, then you may have had the opportunity to chat with them already. If not, we're sure they'd be keen to chat to you if you have any questions about our services.

Meet the whole ACF team

We were also pleased to welcome back Hannah Smith, who’d been working with us during her Placement year at university. After successfully completing her final year at Bournemouth University, she’s now working with us full-time.

Amelia - ACF

Welcome baby Amelia!

And it’s always nice to look to the future of Atlas Contract Furniture. 2017 saw the arrival of baby Amelia.

No doubt she’ll be working with us in 20 years!

Favourite Projects

We had the opportunity to work on some really exciting projects in 2017. We’ve produced some exceptional furniture for our clients, and here’s our pick of the lot.

Bench Seating
Bar Stools
Booth Seating
Curved Booth Seating

Balans Soho Society asked us to furnish their new Restaurant & Bar in Clapham, London. Famous for their burgers and cocktails, Balans prides itself on delivering quality food in a sociable setting. Their fun and friendly staff help to create a great atmosphere that makes dining out an experience you want to share with your friends again and again.

And since they’re all about pleasure, comfort and being social, banquette seating makes for a perfect fit. We wanted to deliver furniture that represented their brand. It had to be stylish, comfortable and work with the decor of their newly decorated restaurant. Working closely with the team at Balans, we took full advantage of the space.

The booth and bench seating shared the same stunning duck egg blue upholstery with deep button seating style. This seating complemented the light features of the main area of the restaurant.

In contrast to these light tones, was the mottled mahogany feature walls. We went for something slightly different for the curved booth seating in the alcove so that it stuck out in full rebellion to the rest of the space and stayed true to the brand’s image. The horizontal flute seating was upholstered in a deep red with pinstripes, which suited the earthen tones that stood in opposition to the rest of the restaurant.

We also provided the bar seating from our loose furniture range, which was spray finished to match the pastel tones of the main seating area.

Business Development

Not only have we been busy working on our contract furniture projects, but we have also been developing other areas of the business. On top of our normal service delivery, we’ve found that there’s a demand for quality spray finishing services and loose furniture. It’s because of this that we’ve launched the new Atlas Spray Finishes website and the Loose Furniture catalogue.

Atlas Spray Finishes

Our spray finishing service delivers a broad range of finishes for furniture, whether it’s wood, plastic or metal. We work with both commercial and domestic clients to create spectacular finishes that suit each individual’s unique taste. These services include:

  • Antiquing - this style of finish will make the product appear more aged, perfect for that retro look.

  • Distressing - going hand-in-hand with the antiquing style, distressing involves making the product look worn and scuffed to appear more aged.

  • Lacquers - this helps to protect the material giving it a hard and durable finish.

  • Colour Matching - like the look of something and want to replicate it? Our colour matching services means that you can have any finish that you want.

  • Exterior Finishes - if you’ve got furniture that’s going to spend the majority of its life outside then we can applicate a more weather resistant finish to make it more long lasting.

View the website

a selection of loose chairs that Atlas supplies for restaurants, cafes and bars

Loose Furniture Catalogue

Our new loose furniture catalogue features over 1400 chairs, stools and tables that are perfect for restaurants, bars and cafes.

We have carefully selected the most stylish, durable and comfortable loose furniture from some of the best manufacturers in Europe and beyond.

What makes this service extra special is the fact that we can reupholster or spray finish each product to suit your particular venue. So, if you like the style but want something a bit more bespoke, just ask and we'll be able to deliver what you've got in mind.

View the full product catalogue

Marine Department

We’ve also developed a new Marine Department and we are hoping to become more involved with the furniture design for super yachts and cruise liners.

Distributor Binder

We also introduced our new distributor binder that provides all the essential information on our products, including samples, product dimensions and more.

Distributor Binder
ACF Binder
Colours and Patterns
Seating Dimensions

What’s happening in 2018?

This year we’ve already seen the launch of our French & Swedish websites. We’ve found an increase in demand for high-quality banquette seating in these countries, which is why we’ve decided to promote our services directly with the help of these new sites.

And, because we’re expanding as a business and always in need of experienced professionals to support our projects and help our clients, we’re planning to expand our CAD office.

Keep an eye on our social media and blog this year to find out more about what’s going on at Atlas.

We are lucky to be able to work with some great people and some exciting companies and we are really looking forward to continue to work alongside you in the future.

Have you got a project in mind for 2018? Get chatting to our team and we’ll do our best to help you.

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