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07 April 2017

Making a Great First Impression

Making a great first impression to keep customers wanting more

A great first impression is important for any business, but it’s arguably more important in the hospitality industry. We’re hearing more and more that consumers are spending money on experiences, like going to pubs and restaurants, so it’s crucial you get it right first time.

It’s not all about food; it’s about space. People want comfortable, welcoming social spaces.

How do you create a welcoming space to get people coming back?

Here’s what we think:

Social seating

You may have comfortable and stylish seating but positioning is everything. You want to create spaces that you’d want to be in. Make them cosy and personal, but don’t leave a customer alone in the corner. Everyone has to feel included if you want to create an experience that gets returning customers. Banquette seating is perfect for creating friendly cosy spaces that are integral to the overall design of a room. Rearrange your room until it's perfect.

At Atlas we provide free of charge layout advise, drawings and quotations.

Create social spaces with bespoke furniture and lighting

Bespoke furnishings

Maximise quality, comfort and available seating by getting furniture custom-made. Seating designed for your purposes will get the balance between function and comfort, making all the difference to a customer’s experience. Custom-built furniture also outlasts its cheap and cheerful alternatives, however tempting they are at first. It may take planning, and quality does cost, but if you work with a reputable company they will take on most of the hard work.


Your lighting sets the mood. It can make a table more private and intimate even in a room full of strangers. What you choose is a matter of personal and professional taste, but you could still go wrong with the most well-meaning choices. It needs to get the balance right so that everyone can see what they’re doing and take pictures, but also has a warm comforting glow.

Use lighting to improve your restaurant space


It’s important to keep up with the maintenance of your furniture. People want cleanliness. Nothing puts you off more than a chair that has crumbs (or worse) stuck in the grooves. Having staff trained to clean it properly and efficiently will make it last and make your customers happier.

We can provide cleaning and maintenance instructions on all our products.


Most importantly, you should take pride in the spaces that you create. Look after them. You’ll be happier to work in a space that you’re proud of. Not only will it do wonders for your wellbeing, it’ll improve your performance and give off a great impression to others. Nothing creates a better first impression than staff who love where they work.

Be proud of your workspace and you'll be happier and give off a great impression

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