Diner & Ice Cream Parlour Seating

2 Star Lane, Ringwood, BH24 1AL

With a dominant American diner theme, The Diner & Ice Cream Parlour in Ringwood is a popular place for groups of friends and young families to hang out and enjoy freshly produced gelato.


We were given the brief from our client to create multiple banquette seating options with a classic 1950-60’s American diner feel. The client requested that we consider using a mixture of seating options to create different dining options for their clients to relax in.


What we did

With the brief in mind, we chose a bold red leather upholstery that would really make an impact against the retro chequer-board flooring. Along one of the walls, we created bench seats with vertical fluted back with a contrasting white leather cut-away at shoulder height. This provided an eye-catching contrast against the bold red, and the side profile of the seating was finished with white leather piping to match. We altered the seating back profile to provide more lumbar support for the comfort of diners.

We also designed and built a bespoke curved booth to provide a more private dining area for a larger group. Much like the bench seating, the booth also featured the knock-out red leather upholstery in our vertical flute style with a high back profile.


The client was delighted with the powerful statement our bespoke banquette seating makes in their diner. Combining the vibrant red leather with white and the added piped details really bring the restaurants design together, giving it that desirable 1950-60’s feel.

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