Clerkenwell Grind - Cafe-Bar Banquette Seating

Clerkenwell Grind, 2-4 Old Street, London, EC1V 9AA

Founded in Shoreditch, Grind is a small chain of café-bars and restaurants across London. Bringing the Melbourne café culture to London with its independent hipster-vibe combining industrial features with bold colours.

Clerkenwell Grind is one of their restaurants that doubles as a late a night bar in the basement.

What we did

The space screams luxury and class with the combination of the James Dunlop Velluti fabric and the brass soft furnishings of the lamp shades and mirror trim. The feature blue wood panelled walls impressed the air of opulence in the space.

The banquette seating we supplied continued in this vein with the fluted back, bespoke curved arms and sprung seats. The deep blues of the Velluti fabric complemented the walls and loose seats. The blue seating was finished with oak veneered cappings to go with the flooring.

In contrast to the deep blues, stands the baby pink seating which has platform-based seats and a unique brass frame that sustains the industrial pipe-work theme that is present across the interior design.

Bespoke Bench Arm Rest
Bespoke Pink Seating with Brass Frame
Blue Bench
Seating and Bar with Brass Pipework Feature
Clerkenwell Grind Corner Seat
Clerkenwell Grind Sign
Clerkenwell Grind Staircase
Corner Seating
Grind Restaurant Layout
Pink Corner Seating
Restaurant Seating
Barstools around bar
Wall Bench Banquette Seating
Window Bench Seating


The finished design looks awesome and represents the style that Grind want, merging industrial vogue features with rich coloured furniture to create an antithetical vibe suited to a trendy venue in London.

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