Le Cap - Restaurant Seating

6 Rue du Port, 50270 Barneville-Carteret, France

Set close to the beaches of Normandy, Le Cap is a traditional restaurant serving fresh and flavoursome classic French cuisine.


We were contacted by the owner’s of Le Cap with a brief to create banquette seating that would bean eye-catching feature amidst the rustic exposed stonework of the restaurant's walls. The restaurant has large windows along its front, giving guests exquisite views of the beaches of Barneville-Carteret, so it was important that all banquette seating provides diners with a view of the sea.

Bench Seating Diamond Deep Button Rise Fall 1
Bench Seating Diamond Deep Button Rise Fall 2
Bench Seating Diamond Deep Button Rise Fall 3
Bench Seating Diamond Deep Button Rise Fall 4

What we did

We designed deep button bench seating that is featured throughout the restaurant to provide more dining guests with the stunning views of the beach opposite. The banquette seating design included a rise and fall back with a beautiful red upholstery with traditional patterns. The seating supplied by Atlas Contract Furniture is rich in tone and texture, providing guests with a comfortable seating solution while they enjoy the traditional flavours from the restaurant’s cuisine.


The Le Cap Restaurant was delighted with the end result. Not only does a banquette seating solution provide more seating space, but its design provides an eye-catching focal point with the unique rise and fall back.

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