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With a focus on elevating comfort and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of residential spaces, we are delighted to present our bespoke seating solutions tailored to meet the unique preferences and lifestyle of our esteemed residential client.


Through our website, we received an initial inquiry from a customer seeking to replace their current wooden bench with a custom-made and comfortable seating solution that would fit perfectly between their kitchen units as they couldn’t find anything online that suited the measurements or was exactly what they wanted. The customer expressed the need for a more suitable and tailored seating option that would enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of their kitchen space. They sought a solution that would not only provide a comfortable seating experience but also blend seamlessly with their existing kitchen decor and fit precisely within the available space.

The Hampshire - Before
The Hampshire - After

What We Did

After contacting the client and engaging in a detailed conversation, we delved into their preferred style and intended usage for the banquette. To cater to their initial uncertainty, we provided a quote for two distinct styles, allowing them to explore their options. While the client had an idea of colour preference in mind, they were unsure about the type of upholstery suitable for a kitchen environment. However, through our discussion and subsequent action of sending them a wide array of upholstery samples in different styles of fabrics, they became enamoured with the Sunbury Design: Imola, Kingfisher 0508 and from choosing this, opted for the Fluted Back Style.


After reviewing the initial quote and examining images of the various styles provided, the client made the decision to proceed with the fluted back design. Additionally, they opted for the Sunbury Design Velvet upholstery cover, aiming to create a cohesive look with a photo positioned above the seating area. To further enhance the overall aesthetic, the client chose tapered wooden legs, which we expertly spray-painted in house to perfectly match their kitchen units. The final result achieved a harmonious integration of colours and styles, seamlessly tying everything together. Finally, we delivered the banquette to the client fully assembled, ensuring that it could be effortlessly placed into its designated spot without any additional hassle.

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