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While our primary focus lies in catering to commercial project demands, we take pride in extending our services to residential clients as well. Our ability to seamlessly accommodate these projects within our production schedule, alongside larger ventures, sets us apart. By offering a tailored and bespoke service, we are equipped to provide unique solutions that perfectly complement diverse spaces, surpassing the limitations of standard off-the-shelf options.


The client found out details online and called our sales line in hope we could help make their vison become reality, they had a space in their home they wanted to use for dining but wanted something that fitted perfectly which buying off the shelf wasn’t possible due to the size of the space they had, they also wanted it to look like it was built in with the house. They needed something easy to maintain as having children they knew it would get possible spillages and stains which they wanted to avoid, if possible, without being limited to a vinyl/faux leather.

Marlow - After

What We Did

With the requirements in mind, we knew exactly what we needed to allow for on the quote. we made sure that the budget we set for the upholstery cover would be suitable for what the client required and have the appropriate treatments and stain guarding on them, as we supply all our upholstery covers at cost, we could advise the client that it would be likely a cost saving could be made here, to which it did, the client was over the moon that they could use a woven fabric that would withstand their everyday use, we supplied them with samples and got them to test it with foods they have regularly to see how it would withstand, they found the perfect match opting for Sunbury – Kepler, Calm 2607. Due to the requirements the seating, we went with a Pocket Sprung construction, which offers ergonomic support and pressure release due to the makeup of it allowing for vertical springs similar to what is used in a mattress. From the initial quote, it was questioned to if it was possible to allow for storage solution, to which we allowed for the seats to be hinged allowing the customer to use the inside of the frame as storage.


To achieve the desired built-in appearance, the client opted for plain MDF plinths, which they later painted and embellished with skirting boards, providing finished look. The seating flawlessly integrates with the overall design, leaving the client ecstatic with the remarkable outcome. We take pride in meeting all their requirements and ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process from inception to completion.

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