Sharkey's - Sports Bar Seating

215A Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 1JZ

Sharkey's Sports Bar is a vibrant venue close to Bournemouth town centre where friends can enjoy watching the biggest sporting events. The large venue is filled with pool tables, dart boards, table-tennis tables and more TV screens than you can count.


Sharkey's Sports Bar wanted comfortable seating where people could sit for extended periods of time. The new furniture had to make a statement, much like the seating you see in American sports bars. Despite being a large venue, the client wanted to avoid lots of tables and other loose furniture from obstructing walkways when occupied by large groups.

Bespoke Sports Bar Seating
Bespoke Sports Bar Seating
Bespoke Sports Bar Seating
Bespoke Sports Bar Seating

What we did

To achieve something truly unique, and capture both the character of Sharkey’s Sports Bar and be practical in equal measure, we did a bespoke banquette seating design. Box armrests were used to create a consecutive run of armchairs with custom-fitted drinks holders to help reduce the need for tables around the venue. The design included a high chair back with red panelling, and a slight rise and fall to create a headrest. We went one step further and embroidered the Sharkey’s logo into the headrest. In addition to the luxurious armchairs, we manufactured some black sofas that also featured the Sharkey’s branding and complemented the new sporting armchairs.


We successfully captured the character of the venue through the new seating. The design is unique to their bar and has bespoke added extras, such as cup holders in the armrests to add practicality to its design. It can sometimes be a bit challenging to show-off your brand in a regular bar or pub, but by creating this stadium-esque style banquette seating we took full advantage.

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