The Grill - Steakhouse Seating

31-33 Lower Kingsbury Square, Aylesbury HP20 2JA

With only the highest-quality beef supplied by local breeders in the home counties, The Grill in Aylesbury aims to create an unforgettable experience where customers can enjoy the finest in steakhouse eating.

What we did

The Grill takes pride in delivering an overall experience for its customers. It’s no surprise that they wanted high-quality furnishings for everyone to enjoy.

The restaurant’s interior is inspired by traditional Texan steakhouses, with worn leathers and dark woods. The design uses a warm palette with brown leathers and copper lighting features that create a warming feel to the restaurant.

The banquette seating was styled to look aged with worn leather and luxurious deep diamond buttoned backs. The benches lining the walls were complemented with high back chairs. The restaurant also features booths with round tables to create a more private space for diners.

Booth Seating
Restaurant Seating
Restaurant Seating
Restaurant Seating


The finished design is perfect for a steakhouse environment that offers both a casual and fine dining experience. The tawny brown walls, stylised with worn text graphics that reference types of cuts, create a rustic space that’s reminiscent of an American steakhouse. The colour scheme is complemented by walnut chairs and leather to enforce this agrarian atmosphere that celebrates the love of steak.

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