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03 January 2024

Maximising the Potential of Your Indoor-Outdoor Dining Space at Your Restaurant

Maximising the Potential of Your Indoor-Outdoor Dining Space at Your Restaurant

When the warm weather graces the UK, there's a growing desire to bask in the outdoors, and as a restaurant owner, you should be ready to make the most of it with an impeccable indoor-outdoor dining area. When planning your indoor-outdoor space, there are three crucial elements to consider: aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Your goal is to create a cosy, inviting space that will keep customers coming back for more. We're here to assist you in delivering an outstanding dining experience.

1.	Designing Your Dining Area

1. Designing Your Dining Area

Start by meticulously crafting a layout that complements your indoor-outdoor dining area. Whether it's a cosy corner for drinks or an expansive dining space, outlining your vision before selecting the perfect seating is essential. Take the time to assess the available space and arrange the seating to enhance the area – ensuring you offer enough privacy while maximising the number of customers who can relish the dining experience. This seating plan will set the stage for a perfect space for customers to dine and enjoy quality time with their friends and family.

2.	Furniture Placement

2. Furniture Placement

Create a smooth and comfortable ambience by strategically placing indoor-outdoor dining chairs and furniture. Your primary concerns should be the comfort of your customers and the ease of movement for your staff, ensuring that they can navigate from the kitchen to the tables without any hindrance. Ample space between tables ensures that the dining experience remains undisturbed by noise or staff movement. Flexible loose furniture or streamlined seating options can help you make the most of your space. With a variety of seating styles, from low benches to bar stools, you can provide versatility to your layout.

3.	Careful Furniture Selection

3. Careful Furniture Selection

Elevate your indoor-outdoor dining area with top-notch seating options built to last. Invest in sturdy dining furniture designed to stand the test of time, and adaptable enough to handle various conditions. Choose seating that remains comfortably cool in the sunshine and is resilient during winter conditions. Failure to select appropriate furniture for the winter may lead to it being stored away, limiting its utility. Atlas Contract Furniture offers a diverse range of seating choices to assist you in crafting the ideal dining space for your customers to savour.

4.	Accessibility Is Key

4. Accessibility Is Key

Design and operate your indoor-outdoor dining space with accessibility in mind. This not only aligns with inclusivity but also expands your customer base. Simple steps include:

  • Install ramps and accessible seating that accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Maintain clear, obstacle-free walkways with a smooth surface.
  • Offer menus in various formats, like Braille and large print.
  • Provide communication assistance, such as sign language interpreters, for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Consider additional measures like automatic doors, accessible parking, restroom facilities, and staff training to create an inclusive environment.

Read more on the Access to and use of buildings law.

5.	Accessorise Your Space

5. Accessorise Your Space

Once the layout and practical considerations are in place, it's time to focus on the finer aesthetics of your indoor-outdoor dining area. First impressions are crucial, and you want to create an inviting outdoor dining experience for new customers. Adding character to your space with scatter cushions, ambient lighting, or vibrant hanging and potted plants can make it more visually appealing. Creating an enticing and enjoyable dining area will provide your guests with an experience that entices them to return.


A Guide to Atlas' Indoor-Outdoor Seating Range:


    • Banquette Seating

      Indoor-outdoor banquette seating offers a versatile and stylish dining solution for restaurants. This type of seating seamlessly connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for customers. Indoor-outdoor seating is an excellent choice for establishments looking to maximise their seating options. Whether it's to accommodate a cosy indoor brunch or an al fresco dinner, these banquettes add flexibility and charm to your dining area. They're perfect for creating an intimate, yet open dining experience that appeals to a wide range of customers, making them an excellent addition to any restaurant's seating repertoire.

      Read more about our Restaurant seating here.


    • Heated Seating

      Want to offer the ultimate outdoor dining experience, even in colder temperatures? Our bespoke heated seat pad options provide the perfect solution. Whether you have customers dining on a chilly evening or a cold day, they can dine comfortably in warmth. We're not just talking about patio heaters or ceiling heaters that turn off frequently; we offer heated seat pad technology that can be tailored to your needs. It's available with a range of our banquette seating options.

      Read more about our heated seat pads here.


  • Loose Furniture

    Loose furniture is an excellent choice if you want the flexibility to move it indoors during colder months and back outside when the weather permits. The versatility you gain by adjusting your furniture to suit the weather conditions allows you to accommodate customers with ease. We offer a wide range of loose furniture designs in our brochure.

    Look at our choice of loose tables & chairs here.


No matter the indoor-outdoor dining experience you're envisioning for your customers, Atlas is here to help you bring it to life.